Realized Parts Savings (RPS)

Stop guessing and start planning.

Know your parts autonomy score before it's too late.

Realized Parts Savings by ImEX Systems

With the introduction of the Parts Autonomy Program by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), collision repair facilities need an easy and accurate way to to monitor and analyze their realized parts savings (RPS) score. ImEX RPS is the answer.

Automatic Importing

ImEX RPS provides a real-time, accurate, and easy to understand break-down of your shop’s parts savings performance with no manual data entry. ImEX RPS will automatically import any estimate that you are working on, analyze it, and include it on your scorecard.

Intelligence Built-In

Artificial intelligence looks at every estimate, line by line, to automatically determine whether it should be included in your shop’s parts savings performance – which saves you hours of manual calculations. ImEX RPS also uses claim data to automatically determine the correct vehicle group and ensure accurate parts savings targets.

Past, Present & Future

ImEX RPS allows you to see your shop’s performance at any point in time. You have the flexibility to create scorecards to see how you’re doing this week, this month, this quarter, or even this year. More importantly, you can forecast your predicted RPS score so that you can take necessary corrective action before it’s too late.

What do RPS users have to say?

ImEX's RPS has helped dial in my shop's score with extreme accuracy. We haven't missed our targets since starting to use it.
Angela Jones
We always know exactly where we stand for our parts savings score without having to duplicate any data entry or manually track anything. We love it!
Jake Warren
Parts Manager
Seeing my score at a glance without having to calculate anything has been a life saver.

Kim Smith
Bodyshop Owner

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