Shop management software that empowers you.

Welcome to the next level of efficiency and convenience in auto repair management. Our body shop management software is designed to streamline operations for auto repair shop owners, combining advanced technology with user-friendly functionality.

Smart Appointment Scheduling

Embrace unparalleled efficiency with Smart Scheduling. Our system employs a just-in-time scheduling algorithm, ensuring you maintain the perfect level of Work In Progress (WIP). As soon as a repair job is completed, the system dynamically schedules new work, maximizing your shop's productivity without overburdening your resources. This intelligent approach not only optimizes your schedule but also enhances customer satisfaction with timely services.

Integrated Parts Order Management

See your parts status for any given work order at a glance. Seamless parts ordering allows you to communicate directly to vendors by email or parts ordering platforms like OE Connection or Auto PartsBridge. Keep track of location, inventory and returns automatically.

Integrated Customer Communication

Communication is key in any service-oriented business, and our system understands that. It features integrated communication tools that enable seamless interaction with your customers through email and SMS. This direct line of communication ensures customers are kept informed about their vehicle's status, fostering trust and transparency. It's not just about sending messages; it's about building lasting relationships with your clients, enhancing their experience and your reputation.

Payables and Reconciliation

Financial control is crucial in the auto repair business. Our Body Shop Management System offers robust payables management and reconciliation features, ensuring your finances are always in check. A key feature is tracking credit memos for returned parts. Missing these can significantly impact your profits. Our system diligently monitors such transactions, safeguarding your bottom line. It streamlines the entire financial process, from managing work order expenses to reconciling accounts, ensuring you never impact your bottom line.

Comprehensive Reporting Solutions

Informed decisions stem from accurate data. Our Body Shop Management System provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that offer deep insights into your business operations. From detailed financial reports to workflow analytics, our system covers every aspect, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. These reports help in identifying trends, assessing performance, and planning for future growth. The power of this information at your fingertips can be the difference in elevating your shop's success.

Labour Tracking, Productivity and Scoreboards

Make sure your technicians are paid accurately and efficiently. Built in labour tracking allows you to track technician productivity and profitability for flat rate and straight time technicians. All time is tracked by job ensuring that pay is transparent with technicians, avoiding unnecessary disputes. The shop management system also includes live scoreboard that show real-time shop performance.

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